• specialize in providing holistic wellness resources & services for people battling lifestyle diseases. I determine the underlying cause of the condition, & provide natural ways to balance the mind, body... So ask away!

  • Yes. you can place your order and select pick. All orders will be processed the same week and be ready for pick up every Monday or Friday. There is no charge for pick up just call (347) 926-3292 or email us at checkusout@smoothiehaven.info , so we can have your order put together before you get here. Address 7416 Beach Channel Dr, Arverne NY 11692

  • You may place a order thru ubereats choose as few or as many as you like.

  • We currently deliver NYC zones listed here : Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County and Manhattan.

  • Lifestyle orders are delivered sunday and Monday every week except on holidays. You could expect it to be delivered the next business day Once your order has been processed for delivery, you will receive an email notification tracking information. Subscribers will receive their recurring orders on or close to the date selected on their profiles. ***Business days are Monday through Friday. Orders received on Friday after 12 p.m. will be processed the following Monday.

  • A $19.95 shipping and handling fee is added to all orders within order delivery zone. Delivery zones we cover Queens ,Brooklyn, Nassau County, and Manhattan A $39.95 shipping and handling fee is added to orders outside of our normal shipping zones.

  • Other than the immediate convenience of having your meals readily available and a satisfied palate, Lifestyle Meal Plan customers typically enjoy lower cholesterol levels, decreased body-fat levels, increased energy levels, increased mental focus and more stable blood sugar levels.

  • Lifestyle Meal Plan menu items are fully cooked and are delivered in BPA free, microwave and oven-safe containers for convenience. When heating in a microwave, simply remove lid and reheat according to package instructions. When heating in an oven, simply remove the contents, place them in an oven safe pan and heat according to package instructions. ***When heating with a microwave, the lid must be removed prior to heating!

  • All of our meals are labeled with expiration dates. You can keep them frozen between 60 and 90 days

  • Of Course, you can refrigerate them for up to four days. We also suggest you transport meals from the freezer and into your refrigerator prior to reheating. This will shorten the reheating time and could enhance the flavor of each item.

  • When you receive your Lifestyle Meal Plan , please make certain to place any meals you may not immediately eat in the freezer. You may leave items you wish to consume within the next four days in your refrigerator. Having meals refrigerated rather than frozen will shorten the heating time, which may enhance the taste of each item. Meals may be heated directly out of the freezer. All heating and proper handling instructions are on the label for your safety.

  • All of our meals range between 250 and 600 calories. Each item is labeled and all of the macronutrient information provided.

  • All of our meals range between 250 and 600 calories. Each item is labeled and all of the macronutrient information provided.

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