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Smoothie Haven was founded in 2015 in Far Rockaway Beach New York, where Promoting a Healthy a lifestyle doesn't have to mean slow and boring because we understand the importance and impact in the food that we eat. We are here to enrich the bond between communities, the environment, and individuals by introducing healthy alternatives

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OUR MISSION - Smoothie Haven strongly believes in introducing and promoting healthy food alternatives to our communities. Though we are small, we dream big when it comes to educating persons on the importance of knowing exactly what goes into their bodies when they eat and having full transparency on the process from farm to the dinner table. This a major focus in our campaign to get our customers interested in sustainable economic organic produce, with the knowledge that a fraction of every dollar spent at our locations goes to a small or mid-sized farmer who uses sustainable practices with the best results. Ultimately, we seek to unite communities and the environment.

OUR CORE VALUES NO B.S – A lot of health food places make the generic cover statement that ‘all products are 100% organic when available or locally sourced’, but realistically, while it's almost impossible to be 100% organic, they continue to charge the same prices across the board at all times. While Smoothie Haven will continue to strive to keep our products as organic as possible, we will not charge you full price if produce is not 100% organic. SUSTAINABILITY – Healthy food choices means eco-friendly farming, a respect for which can be passed down from generation to generation. COMMUNITY – Eat together, live together, grow together. We are a family. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – We fully advocate educating both yourself and others about the foods we eat.


Emmanuel Loncke
Emmanuel Loncke
Founder & CEO


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